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  • Climate Change March Sun Nov 20th Please come if you can and help us hand out leaflets and hold banners etc... fb.me/7xaeQxOkk 22 hours ago
  • Sorry to disturb you on the weekend but this is urgent. Have you heard of the TTIP Referendum petition?... fb.me/4j1JkiBYW 1 day ago
  • >>Please watch and share this film. << War on Want and UNISON's new hard hitting film lays bare the grave threat... fb.me/4ztX1dnnl 3 days ago
  • Barnet Green Party Talk. What is the latest thinking on GMOs? Robin Mesnage, Gene Expression and Therapy Group,... fb.me/3dzkMcOts 6 days ago

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The idea for a group to focus on the law from a systemic perspective began after the Occupy Law event held at Tent City University on 20 February 2012. You can watch the video of that night below.


The role of law in time of protest

Occupy Law: the role of law in time of protest‘ was the last major event at held at Tent City University before the eviction of the Occupy LSX camp outside St Paul’s in the early hours of 28 February 2012. Distinguished speakers Professor Conor Gearty (London School of Economics/ Matrix Chambers), Sarah Sackman (Francis Taylor Building), David Allen Green (lawyer and New Statesman writer), David Wolfe (Matrix Chambers), and George Barda (occupy Defendant in the court case with the City of London) debated the role of civil disobedience in securing fundamental change and justice, corporatocracy and the implications of the mass privatisation of public space on the right to protest, to a packed audience.

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