Occupy Law UK



Occupy Law UK was borne out of the Occupy movement in London. We need to ‘occupy the law’ because the legal system legitimises the status quo – the status quo of an economic system that disenfrachises the majority of people from decisions that affect them, and legitimises and facilitates the destruction of the planet for profit. We live in a ‘democracy’ which concentrates power to the 1%, at the expense of everyone else.  Companies (themselves ‘legal fictions’) routinely override the will of the people, with the support of our government. It is unjust and undemocratic that corporate ‘rights’ override the rights and wishes of communities, and indeed companies are ‘permitted’ to destroy the environment on which all life depends.

The structure of law needs to be radically changed if we are to create genuine participatory democracy and live in a sustainable and peaceful world. The legal system should promote the health of the planet and improve the quality of human relationships, not serve the narrow interests of elites. Our communities are not resource colonies for a gaggle of corporations. Unjust laws should be challenged, broken and changed. The abolitionists, suffragettes, civil rights activists and other visionaries and ordinary people all recognised this. We need a new civil rights movement now, to assert the rights of communities and nature above corporate rights.

We are inspired by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund in the US. We advocate Community Bills of Rights which demand local community self-governance and which elevate rights of communities above corporate rights.

We are building a movement for justice and genuine sustainability. Join us and assert your rights!

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Contact Occupy Law UK – occupylawuk@riseup.net